I am an experienced licensed psychologist in New Jersey (2176) and Pennsylvania (6209) as well as a certified child, adolescent and adult psychoanalyst. I am a doctor of psychology with fourteen years of post-doctoral institute training. I am also a Diplomate and Life Fellow in the American College of Forensic Examiners.

I provide consultations, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis and supervision to other psychotherapists as well as consultations to attorney for court ordered evaluations.


20 Halstead Street
Clinton, NJ 08809

420 Coventry Drive
Phillipsburg, NJ 08865

I view each person and family as unique and help them to make sense of and try to change things that are troubling. My approach is to involve you as an active working partner rather than something that you are just prescribed or told what to do. My psychoanalytic approach is the most ambitious of all therapies in terms of its scope and aims. It’s the most complex of the talking treatments and has had a significant influence on most others. I am closely tuned in and empathic and will give you a chance to unburden yourself and pick up hidden patterns and meanings in what you are saying. I am interested in the way you are relating to me and how this links with other, perhaps problematic relationships in your life.

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy typically lasts longer that cognitive-behavioral-supportive therapy because its aims to influence deeper layers of personality, at the sources of the troubling thoughts and behaviors. This investment in one’s life can produce significant rewards in terms of the ability to love and to work. People find themselves freed to live life more to the full, to be more creative in all sorts of ways and to relate to and care for others better.

In my treatment of children and adolescents, I work with the parents to address their concerns and assist parents to make decisions about their child. In working with children I help them return to a healthy developmental track so they can continue growing without interference from difficult emotional issues. I work with children who are riddled with fears, overcome with anger, have a difficult time finding a calm space within themselves or are finding maturation difficult and confusing.

I welcome your phone call to speak to me about your concerns. Thank you.