During more than 30 years in a successful private practice, I have helped countless children, adolescents, adults, seniors, couples and families achieve a depth of self-understanding and behavioral improvement unattainable through the current vogue of cognitive behavioral therapy, often referred to as antiseptic manipulation of surface behaviors.

Psychoanalysis requires a deep dive into oneself to gain a better understanding of the reasons and causes behind patterns of behavior. My goal in psychoanalysis is to help you identify and understand those triggers by examining your current thoughts and feelings, as well as your personal history and relationships – and then, together, to chart a new path.

With clients of all ages, I look first at the whole person and seek to understand the complexity of that person.

I help children who have difficulties with their aggressions, fears, peers, and are developmentally off track. My goal with children is to get them on their developmental track so their natural forces can take them into their next life stage. Together we address such issues as anxieties, phobias, depressions, cutting, poor peer skills, and psychological factors that impede their school work.

I work with adolescents who have difficulty with their fears, peer relations, depressions, aggressions, temptations and other issues. If I can get them back on a healthy developmental track, they are more likely to succeed with academics, extracurricular activities, peers and family.

I help adults identify and address behaviors that have been self-destructive for many years and have caused them to be in their current state of despair, depression or anxiety.

When I work with couples, I help them to identify patterns within their lives and their relationship, and help them to identify and address those factors that are leading to marital distress.

I work with families to help them resolve difficulties and function in a less pained way.

I help seniors to address fears of growing older, loss of health, loss of friends and family, and to prepare themselves for their later years.

In my work with people who have substance abuse problems, I help them to develop better coping skills to deal with the feelings and thoughts that predispose them to substance abuse. I also help them not resort to substance abuse as a means of escaping their emotional pain.

In general, I try to create a space where people can take the time to think about themselves and actions they’ve taken, and to identify, reflect upon and make the changes they see fit to find peace and contentment with their life situations.

I find that real happiness comes from being able to master your conflicts, be they within yourself, with your children, with your spouse, with your family, with your colleagues, with your supervisor.

Our work can be short-term or long-term, depending on the outcome you seek.

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