In a new world of speed and shortness of time, I take the time for the individual, couple and family to explore and address their needs and concerns. I am trained to create a safe place where people can share and explore those issues that confound, anger or bring shame to themselves. With my neutral and non-judgmental approach to the work at hand, much can be shared and understood. The ultimate goal is to change those behaviors that trouble you as you seek to find more appropriate means to address your needs.

Health insurance companies today are lowering fees, reading your clinical notes, which are shared with your in-network therapist, and limiting sessions, all for the purpose of increasing their stock prices by giving the client less. In so doing, the insurance companies have allowed lesser-trained therapists to conduct work that they are not trained to do. I am not one of those lesser-trained therapists, and I guard your privacy to the fullest extent. The benefit from working with me is that you have total privacy and a highly trained clinician. I take no shortcuts.

As insurance companies have driven down reimbursement rates for psychotherapy, the field has become filled with clinicians who simply are not equipped educationally and experientially to help people truly understand the reasons for and causes of their feelings, thoughts and behaviors.

Without a deep level of understanding of oneself, the possibility of effecting genuine, lasting change is greatly diminished. Psychoanalysis – an ever-deepening conversation to get to the underlying causes of your issues – is, for most people, the solution they seek.

My clients benefit from the extensive education and training that earned my doctoral degree, 14 additional years of post-doctoral study, and more than 30 years in private practice working to help people find peace and happiness.

My interest in this work began in high school and has only grown keener over the years as I’ve been able to help more and more people make the changes that yield happier lives.

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