What is psychoanalysis? +

How does what you do differ from what an MSW or LCSW does? +

Why are your rates so much higher than those of many other therapists out there? +

Do you see patients only in your office? Can I do a session with you on the phone? +

I think I just need help with an immediate situation.
Will you work with me short-term, or must I make a long-term commitment to consult with you? +

I think my whole family needs help – not just me. Can you work with all of us? +

Is psychoanalysis different today than it was in Freud’s time? If so, how?+

I’m really not comfortable looking inward. Dredging up old pain is hard.
How would you help me deal with that?+

My adopted 10-year-old is so aggressive that I’m growing fearful of him. Can you help us?+

I believe my teenage daughter is cutting herself, and I’m worried. Is this a problem you can help with? +

I think my widowed mother is suffering from depression, but she is reluctant to talk about her feelings.
How might I persuade her to see you? Do you think you can get through to her? +

When you talk about an ever-deepening conversation over the long term, how long might that be?
I’ve heard that some doctors believe six months is adequate time to spend in therapy and then begin making healthy changes. +

As a lawyer with a diverse practice, I occasionally require expert psychological testimony for my clients. Can you help with that?+

I think my child is becoming addicted to electronics; I worry about his inability to function socially.
Do you work with children with this modern-day affliction? +

Now that he is retired and at home much more often, I’ve become aware that my husband has an alcohol problem.
I’m trying to steer him into AA – both of his brothers have had success with that program – but I believe he has underlying issues that he needs to deal with.
Do you work with alcoholics? How would I get him in to see you? +

My husband has been married twice before and had a long-term relationship with a third woman.
I was married three times before him. Both of us bring a lot of baggage to this marriage; neither of us wants to repeat our old mistakes.
Can you help us understand what we need to work on? +

I have issues with impulse control, particularly with spending money.
I don’t know why and I want to understand and fix this. Do you work with people like me? +

My wife and I are divorcing, and we have three young children.
We need help working through myriad issues, most of them involving our kids. What do you recommend? +

I’ve never sought help from a psychoanalyst before. What should I expect the experience to be like?+

Do you take insurance?+

Do you take patients on Medicare?+

I am struggling financially and have only minimal health insurance coverage – but I desperately need help with some issues in my life.
Do you have any payment flexibility? +

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