• Intensive Work To
    Produce Significant Life Change
  • Dr. Charles Most

    In a new world of speed and shortness of time, I take the time for the individual,
    couple and family to explore and address their needs and concerns.

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Intensive Work to Produce Significant Life Change

Psychoanalysis, as I like to describe it in my practice, is two minds working together to understand one mind. That understanding comes from looking inward – something people generally are reluctant to do.

Indeed, studies have shown that most people would rather do almost anything – including submitting to painful electric shock – to avoid introspection.

As a doctoral-level psychologist with 14 years of post-doctoral education and more than 30 years in private practice, I can do the intensive work that enables my clients to look deeply into themselves – and, ultimately, make significant changes in their lives.

I look at the whole person – and the complexity of that person – and help clients confront the anxieties, depression, phobias, conflicts and maladaptive behaviors that they’ve used to address their problems.

In the privacy of my office, or your home, we create a safe space where you are heard, and where, together, we analyze your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Our goal is to understand their underlying reasons and causes, and overcome the obstacles that prevent you from finding peace and happiness.

Licensed as a Psychologist in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and certified as a child, adolescent and adult psychoanalyst, I work with clients of all ages from my office in Clinton, New Jersey.

My Approach

During more than 30 years in a successful private practice, I have helped countless children, adolescents, adults, seniors, couples and families achieve a depth of self-understanding and behavioral improvement unattainable --> through the current vogue of cognitive behavioral therapy, often referred to as antiseptic manipulation of surface behaviors.

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Professional Experience

In a new world of speed and shortness of time, I take the time for the individual, couple and family to explore and address their needs and concerns. I am trained to create a safe place where people can share and explore those issues that confound, anger or bring shame to themselves. With my neutral and non-judgmental approach to the work at hand, much can be shared and understood. The ultimate goal is to change those behaviors that trouble you as you seek to find more appropriate means to address your needs.

Health insurance companies today are lowering fees, reading your clinical notes, which are shared with your in-network therapist, and limiting sessions, all for the purpose of increasing their stock prices by giving the client less. In so doing, the insurance companies have allowed lesser-trained therapists to conduct work that they are not trained to do. I am not one of those lesser-trained therapists, and I guard your privacy to the fullest extent. The benefit from working with me is that you have total privacy and a highly trained clinician. I take no shortcuts.

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Therapy services

children & adolescents

Children are like sponges. Everything they soak up, from infancy onward, becomes embedded –to resurface later in their behavior.

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adults & seniors

There is no magic age when we have all the answers we seek in life. Over three decades in psychoanalysis, I’ve worked with countless adults of all ages.

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marital & family

In counseling couples, I often find that people bring conflicts into their marriages that have evolved from childhood.

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In my work with clients who have substance abuse problems, I help them to develop better coping skills to deal with their emotional pain.

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forensic psychology

I perform court-ordered best interest evaluations, working with families as they restructure in the course of a divorce.

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What to expect

When you visit, you can expect to be treated with kindness, with respect, and with a curiosity. You can expect to meet a clinician who is patient, allows you to share your story, and gives you the freedom to develop a curiosity within yourself – in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

Simply put, our process is two minds working together to understand one mind.

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