Addiction has become a terrible problem in this country.

With the alarming number of deaths nationwide from opiate abuse, as well as the early use of marijuana, alcohol and tobacco in pre-adolescents and adolescents.

In addition, high schools are having a terrible time with vapes, which pack the nicotine hit of a cigarette, are packaged to appeal to young people, and are easily concealed in class. As addictive as cigarettes, vape possession is getting students suspended from school, and, in some jurisdictions, laws are being passed that classify vapes as drug paraphernalia.

Although addiction afflicts people of all ages, increasingly adolescents and young adults are using these substances to escape personal stress and thus are crippling their ability to handle normal life challenges through reliance on substances.

I find that Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are powerful tools, but I always recommend psychotherapy as a necessary component of any treatment program so that people can better understand themselves and their vulnerability.

In my work with clients who have substance abuse problems, I help them to develop better coping skills to deal with their emotional pain.

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