There is no magic age when we have all the answers we seek in life.

Over three decades in psychoanalysis, I’ve worked with countless adults of all ages, including seniors who are approaching the end of their lives.

Sample Cases

In one case, a man sought my help because he was dissatisfied with his family, his job – his entire life. I was able to help him identify and understand a trend that had been pervasive from his childhood to that very moment. And then I was able to help him find ways to gain satisfaction and lessen his current difficulties.

In another case, a man came in guilty, sheepish and ashamed. It took him four months to admit that he was having affair with a coworker. Then, as he was going off on vacation, he came over and shook my hand; he had realized he had issues with separation.

In our conversation, we got into his childhood. He came to see that he was always on the hunt – and that he always thought his wife was going to leave him. He realized he was always dissatisfied; that people always disappoint him. Why? Because his mother was chronically dissatisfied with him.

People don’t fall in love with their therapists. People fall in hate with us because we’re the objective person who helps them confront their unrealistic fantasies.

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