I provide psychological evaluations and other legal services as part of my practice.

Among my Forensic Psychology Consulting services, I perform court-ordered best interest evaluations, working with families as they restructure in the course of a divorce.

I have helped families with their transition from one household to two in ways such that families and children were not further traumatized. I’ve also worked with families attempting to relocate following a divorce.

I have been court-appointed to help families who are needlessly fighting with one another, thereby sabotaging their divorce process and bleeding money. In some cases, couples who cannot stop fighting have driven up the cost of their divorces to $500,000 or $1 million. I try to help them reduce their conflicts so they can settle their differences and make the transition to a divorced life.

In personal injury cases, I am called upon to do psychological evaluations of the parties involved. I can diagnose and quantify the psychological injuries sustained in traumas and accidents.

I also assist people confronted with a criminal case to help them obtain the best possible resolution and disposition of their case.

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